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Imagine the rewards of really being able to help those who are having difficulties. Being an Orton Gillingham educator may be the solution you’re looking for. It’s the method many diagnosticians refer to for dyslexia, dysgraphia and other learning disorders.

ORTON-GILLINGHAM TRAINING: A New Design for Effective Practitioner Education. Coursework and clinical practicum.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SERIES: Seminars designed especially for OG practitioners on English language structure and strategies, for those serious about making changes in students’ lives.

SONDAY SYSTEM: OG based easy-to-follow curriculum for people of all reading levels. Great for parents and educators; no previous training is required.


Monthly lectures led by OGRS staff instructors.
Topics center on teaching
strategies, skill building and language structure.
Appropriate for anyone with OG background and experience.

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Effective Practitioner Education. Course work, supervised practicum experience on our site.
No prior experience needed.



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Training in the Sonday System, an OG based
curriculum for teaching reading and spelling to
learners of all ages.
No prior experience needed.


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